Ryan Maye

Head of Academy Coach Development

‘Player Centered Sports is a fantastic resource for coaches especially within grassroots or those venturing early in their careers with academies/development centres both within the male and female game. The staff are very knowledgeable and have a lot of experience, not only in regards to qualifications but also hours spent on the grass developing their skills and craft.


The resources for players and parents is also great. I wish back in the day when I was developing my coaching I would have

been able to tap into a resource like this!’


Keith Mayer

UEFA A License Academy Coach

Co-Author of Amazon’s best seller - Gold Dust: How to Become A More Effective Coach, Quickly: How to become a better communicator 

‘As a UEFA ‘A’ licensed coach for over three decades, best-selling co-author, coach developer and an EPL academy coach, I feel delighted to write a letter of recommendation for Player Centered Sports. The internet is awash with loads of content that is neither relevant nor realistic to the game. Player Centered Sports however appear to have hit the sweet spot...their resource is innovative, refreshing and is easy to use. 


“For all the reasons I wrote above, I give Player Centered Sports my strongest recommendation’

Matt Clement

Girls National U16s Manager Wales
Former EPL academy coach
Level 3 and 4 Coach educator


‘We live in an era of data and information, and this is true with regards to coaching football with the use of the internet dramatically increasing the last 10 years so has the offerings of sessions and football content. This can be great, however it also offers the problem of how do you know what your getting a right and if it’s for you... this is what makes Player Centered Sports the perfect product for all aspiring coaches, player developers and practitioners and parents etc, albeit it be for individual sessions, group sessions or acquiring new knowledge Player Centered Sports has everything you desire to meet the needs of the modern game. Technique is the foundation of all football and PCS provide sessions that develop sound technically proficient footballers with enjoyment at the heart’.

David Mayer

UEFA B License Coach

Co-Author of Amazon’s best seller - Gold Dust: How to Become A More Effective Coach, Quickly: How to become a better communicator 

‘Player Centered Sports are providing quality content that will be useful for coaches, players and parents at multiple levels. Their resources are thought provoking, provide valuable technical detail and are easy to use. The staff involved have a lot of knowledge and experiences that they will be sharing on this excellent platform. I have been using their resource, and would highly recommend others to do so.’


Dr Haydn Morgan

‘What really impresses me about the staff at Player Centered Sports is that they take a holistic approach to player development, focusing on social and psychological development just as much as technical and physical development.


They also recognise that the environment surrounding the player is vital, with useful guidance for parents on the process of player development. This guidance is informed by a wide variety of resources and experience, drawn from a breadth of contexts, not just football. This demonstrates the reflective and passionate approach to player development at Player Centered Sports.