PCS Development Tool

The PCS Development Tool is a platform for footballers to assess and develop their attributes and track their football development.

The purpose of the PCS Development Tool  is to provide an effective, accurate and insightful opportunity to track the progress of footballers.


In short; players, parents and coaches are all aware of how the player can become the best player they can be!


‘We’ll find your potential; then help you reach it’

The unique PCS challenge statements combined with simple descriptors and technical video examples allows for a more objective assessment of player ability that has previously been missing.


An increase in accuracy allows for a clearer knowledge and understanding of a player’s physical and technical attributes that compliment one another and suggest the player’s potentially most effective positions.

The PCS Development Tool  will provide players and parents with the opportunity to:


  • Assess Player Attributes across every area of the game.

  • Develop player self awareness

  • Identify strengths and areas for development.

  • Identify potential best suited positions.

  • Track development and progress.

  • Build a video evidence portfolio to support their development.

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