Looking for a great resource that explores how to become a more effective coach quickly? Check out this fantastic book, Gold Dust written by Keith and David Mayer at

People talk about sports from a technical and tactical standpoint, but it's only a tiny part of coaching. The best sports coaches get their success because of their ability to connect and relate to their athletes. The experiences athletes have generally come from the environment created by the coach. As a coach, you can help optimise this environment by the way you connect with your athletes, and how you communicate to them.


Gold Dust: How To Become A More Effective Coach, Quickly’ delves deeper into the importance of building connections in sporting environments, and how you can do it. The foundations, skills, techniques and behaviours within the book will enable you to create an environment that makes for a better experience for you and your athletes.


This book has got stories and experiences from coaches at the top of their game across different sports, including First Team Managers, Head Coaches, Academy Managers and Elite Youth Coaches.


You will learn techniques around:

  • How you can optimise your athletes learning

  • How you can optimise your athletes performance

  • How you can optimise the environment you coach in

  • How you can make your athletes feel better about what it is they do. Just imagine if you could become a more highly effective coach through the use of connection and communication.

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