As you are introduced to football at a young age, it is important to understand that you will be an individual player as part of a team.  You need to combine your strengths as a player and the enjoyment of having possession of the ball with the role that has within the team.  You can start this process by playing early with parents or siblings, celebrating each other’s individual success and sharing those moments together.  Start to recognize and talk about how you are good at different things and that it’s ok and important to have different strengths.  Create little games that require the different strengths you have to be successful, and then swap roles and try to teach other the other’s strengths.  This helps a young player form greater understanding of their own techniques as well as other people’s needs and help to develop their communication skills at the same time.

Psychological Development

Technical Development

Physical Development

Kids Running
Image by Peter Glaser

Starting the Process

Social Development