Technical Development

As a foundation player, the technical progress you make now will directly influence what type of player you will become.  Similarly to physical development, players typically rely on their strongest attributes which can potentially be a false success.  By this, we mean that an over-reliance on some technical aspects now will hinder your opportunities to play at a higher level when you get older as weaknesses to technical aspects of your game are more likely to be exploited by your opponents. 


Here at PCS, we believe that the most important techniques that a foundation player should focus on can fit into two categories: Core Techniques and Outplaying.  The fundamental core techniques include Creating Space, Ball Manipulation, Receiving Skills and Releasing Skills.  Within the Outplaying category, we would encourage the focus to be on the player In Possession, Out of Possession, Off the Ball and In Their Mind. 


Although we believe that players are likely to be too young to be identified as set positions during this stage, we do believe that players can start to show potential in being a type of player: One who stop goals, makes goals or scores goals.  Find out more how we can help you track your progress and indicate what type of player you could be strongest as.

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What Type Of Player Am I?