Understanding Yourself

Why is it Important to Understand Yourself?

When coaching, it is beneficial to understand yourself as a person and as a coach. This can be achieved in many ways however identifying your strengths and areas for development can be a great starting point. Identifying key strengths and areas for development in relation to coaching and the context you are working within, will allow for realistic targets to created in order to strive for progression.

Potential Issues with Self Perception

However it is important that you are aware of your current behaviours as it can be common to think you act in a certain way when in fact, when coaching, you don't. For example, a coach may claim to be player centered however when coaching it may become apparent that they adopt a very coach centered approach that promotes high use of instruction. 

Check out the example below!

Identifying Strengths and Areas for Development?

Aside from assessing your own personal coaching ability through your own perception, a brilliant way of becoming more aware of your behaviours is through video reflection. Videoing and then watching back your coaching session is an extremely effective way of identifying strengths and areas for development. 


Additional to this, peer feedback will provide a 360 degree view of yourself.  As identified, self perception can be misleading therefore having feedback from peers will help identify any 'blind spots' you may have missed. The information gained from your personal reflections and your peers will then allow for a more rounded approach to identifying which areas are strengths and which need developing.

How to achieve your targets?

Targets can be set based upon the areas for development identified. In order to work towards achieving these targets, the coach must identify strategies or ways in which this is possible. For example, if the coach has identified they intervene during session for a prolonged period of time, they may introduce a time limit (e.g. 30 seconds) for their interventions to increase ball rolling time.

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