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Your Coaching Philosophy

What is a coaching philosophy?

A coaching philosophy is the underpinning values present within a coach's approach to coaching. These values will be personal to the coach and may be influenced by external factors and or experiences such as their upbringing or significant others. 

A common misconception is that the coach's philosophy is in fact how his/her team plays when viewing the game from a tactical perspective however this in fact the coach's playing philosophy rather than their personal coaching philosophy. 

Coaching Philosophy.png

Why do I need a coaching philosophy?

A coach should engage in and create their own philosophy as it will allow them to better understand themselves and what values are in important to them. This will then allow the coach to start to recognise how these values can be transferred to the players within the coaching environment

How can I create a coaching philosophy?

In order to create your own coaching philosophy, you firstly need to recognise what core values are important to you. Important to you in coaching but more importantly within life. These values should not only shape your impact on the player as a footballer, they should also encourage the holistic development of the player and thus create better people as well. 

The context in which the coach operates may influence your philosophy as well. For example, a coach working within a community setting may focus on instilling inclusion rather than competition due to the objectives present in environment in which they are working.

It is important to note, coaching philosophies are individualised to the coach. Some philosophies may be more elaborate than others but the main thing is to include the values that are important to you as a person and as a coach.

Above is an example coaching philosophy. Below is an explanation for each value and why they are included within the coach's philosophy. 

Philosophy overall.png
Philosophy 5.png
Philosophy 4.png
Philosophy 3.png
Philosophy 1.png
Philosophy 2.png
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